Summary of Teaching Responsibilities

At Maryland, I have taught 552 students in 29 sections of 5 different courses to date.

As an Instructor of Record, I have independently managed syllabus, lecture, discussion, examination, assessment, and communication with students.

  • COMM 398B: Communication, Culture, and Sport: Special topics course open to majors and non-majors.  Students explore connections between sport and social practices and the implications on individual, organizational, regional, and national identities through the lens of communication.
  • COMM 200: Critical Thinking and Speaking: Introduction to more complex argumentation and persuasion theories and focused on persuasive speaking, critical thinking, and practical reasoning.
  • COMM 107 Oral Communication: Principles and Practices: Course satisfying the university’s Oral Communication requirement, introducing principles of public speaking and listening.

As a Teaching Assistant, I have managed discussion sections, examination, assessment, and communication with students.

  • COMM 401 Interpreting Strategic Discourse: 400-level large lecture focused on methods of rhetorical criticism
  • JOUR 175 Media Literacy: An analysis of the information, values and underlying messages conveyed via television, newspapers, the internet, magazines, radio and film. Examines the accuracy of those messages and explores how media shape views of politics, culture and society.

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